About MaxxMMA

In the early 1990s, A young man, like all young people, was reckless, passionate and had an inborn love for fighting.
At that moment, he would have never known that way he lived brought a wound with him for life. Only cloudy and rainy mid-night brings back those glory memories to him now.

This might be the story of thousands of teenagers, but not everyone has the chance to be exposed to the supply chain of combat supplies in middle age like he had.
After years of experience and participation in this field, he finally realized that all the products in the market are in both ends of spectrum.

One category is typically commercialized brands and cannot provide effective protection and complete functions;
Another one is equipped with excellent protection but price is not friendly to general consumers or amateurs.

Especially in the family or female market, there is no customized technology for those end users.
Then, an innovative thought came in and a brand is born for everyone: MaxxMMA

core value

The core value of MaxxMMA® is that MaxxMMA® SOFTSTRIKE light fighting is suitable for every enthusiast,
which contains four core technologies, which are:

Services & Product Areas


Sourcing, evaluating & developing suitable suppliers per customers' needs.


We help customers conceptualize their new products, and integrate new manufacturing techniques and material application in it, eventually turn the ideas into commercial products.


Organized structure to eliminate errors. Professional expertise to avoid unnecessary risk.


Random inspection to ensure every shipment conform to customer's approved samples.

Organizational Culture


Accumulated success have proved we set our responsibility in highest standard. 


We are ready to bring the products into a new era with the advantages of more fun, adjustability, and better fit for everyone from professional to every family member.

Reducing CO2

The environment has become a major and common concern of all mankind. Whoever can make the products lighter, smaller and more environmental friendly will lead the future.

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