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MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Heavy Bag Review

My name is Shane Fazen, and I run the YouTube channel "fightTIPS."  On my channel, I teach people how to properly defend themselves utilizing various martial arts techniques, to keep them and their loved ones safe.

We incorporate the striking arts like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo with the ferocity of street fighting, while promoting positive mental and physical health.  Knowledge is key, but you must master each technique before you put it into action.  And one way of training, is with the MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Bag.

Training with this bag allows me to practice all of the things I would need in a fight.  And not only an MMA match, but even a street fight.  The water-filled heavy bag gives it a human feel, which helps me to prepare for anything and everything my opponent might challenge me with.  I can hang it up and work my punches, kicks, elbows, and clinch knees.  I can also lay it flat and work my ground positioning and go all out with some ground-and-pound.  Finally, I can fatigue my muscle by just getting a full-body workout with it.  I love picking up all 120lbs. up over my shoulder, with an explosive hip thrust.  The cumbersome bag feels just like a human-body would, squirming away and staying resistant.  Training with this bag gives me a sense of familiarity to fighting with a real person.

After working out with the bag, not only is my heart-rate up and is sweat dripping from my nose, but the muscles in my forearms, back, and legs are on fire.  And when I push myself that extra set, that extra round, it also helps to build my confidence.  This bag allows me to train every component I use in a fight!