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MaxxMMA Ex Long Heavy Bag VS Other Bags

My name is Shane Fazen and I teach self-defense and martial arts on the fightTIPS YouTube channel. Using striking arts like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo combined with the reality of brutal street fights, my videos teach you how to defend yourself while promoting positive mental and physical health.  Knowledge is key, but you must master techniques before you put them into action. One of my favorite ways of training is with the MaxxMMA Extra Long Heavy bag.

When I was looking for a durable, inexpensive heavy bag for home workouts, I had trouble finding what I needed inside my price range. When I discovered MaxxMMA, I found everything I was looking for and then some. The unique air and water bladder design gives this heavy bag characteristics that aren’t found in a traditional heavy bag, such as it’s movement, resistance, and custom features. And for the same price as a cotton heavy bag, the kit included a jump rope, cushion pad, hand wraps, and bag gloves (they’re washable, too.)

Before using this MaxxMMA heavy bag, I’ve used traditional heavy bags like a Title Heavy Bag and Fairtex 6ft Banana Bag. The MaxxMMA Extra Long Heavy Bag is longer than a traditional bag, so I can train Muay Thai kicks to the thigh area as well as Boxing combos to the head and body. There’s less swing to the bag, without dragging on the floor like a banana bag, making it more resilient even to my power kicks or punch drills. That resilience is much more realistic to punching an opponent than landing a punch on a fabric bag, which can be too stiff. Unlike the Title heavy bags I’ve used before, this bag hasn’t lost its shape after a lot of use.

Depending on my workout, I can add or empty air and water to make the perfect weight (though I usually keep it at the full 140 pounds.) That custom feature is perfect for multiple exercises or just storing the bag between workouts.