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MaxxMMA- Ex Long Heavy Bag Review 1

My name is Shane Fazen and I teach self-defense and martial arts on the fightTIPS YouTube channel. Using striking arts like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo combined with the reality of brutal street fights, my videos teach you how to defend yourself while promoting positive mental and physical health.  Knowledge is key, but you must master techniques before you put them into action. One of my favorite ways of training is with the MaxxMMA Extra Long Heavy Bag. 

I spent months trying to find a cheap, easy DIY heavy bag for at home workouts, with no luck. After doing research on affordable heavy bags, I discovered MaxXMMA’s water and air filled Ex. Long Heavy Bag. For about $150, I bought the Ex. Long Heavy Bag kit that includes hand wraps, bag gloves, cushion wrap and a jump rump. 

The heavy bag arrived flat and small, but it only took minutes to fill to the full 140 pounds. Depending on my workout or if I have move it, I can just as easily release as much air and water as I need. Even better, it’s really durable. So I can hang it from anywhere and throw my hardest strikes without worrying that it’ll fall, pop, or leak.

At 5 feet long and weighing anywhere from 70-140 pounds, it gives me enough room to work my punches and elbows to the head, Muay Thai leg kicks to the thigh area, and everywhere in between. The water/air bladder creates a realistic human body feel when you hit it, so I’m constantly training with my opponent in mind.

A typical workout on this bag for me is 3 to 5 minute rounds, working in some sprints, like 50 punches as fast and hard as I can. After a half hour, I’m dripping in sweat and feeling that successful ache through my entire body that only an awesome heavy bag workout can give.