MaxxMMA Equipment Reviews By Brett Beck with 220 Fitness


The next best thing! This bag has everything you could ever need. Air and water. Use it for lunges, squats, dead lifts, etc. and feel how your entire body responds to the challenge of strengthening while balancing. I normally use a set of dumbbells or a barbell to add weight to these exercises but when I used the bag I instantly felt my entire body activate and strengthen in order to balance the flow of water within the bag. This bag is efficient and not to mention it is much more comfortable than resting a bar against my shoulders when doing lunges and squats. Just adding or taking away water makes it versatile for anybody because it can easily adjust the weight of the bag. The bag also comes in handy for wrestlers practicing floor techniques because the bag acts as the opponent while being heavy but still capable of being thrown. Try these exercises with the heavy bag and notice how keeping your balance adds a whole new element to your workout!

- 15 deadlifts x 3

- 20 walking lunges x 3

- 20 sumo squats x 3

- 20 reverse lunges (10 each leg) x 3

- 40 crab crawls (20 to the left, 20 to the right. STAY LOW!) x 3 

- 15 regular squats x 3



Really start to perfect your form with this! The height adjusts depending on what is comfortable for you. Its an ideal target and the spring allows your “target” to come back at you giving you the chance to practice your ducks, slides, and overall defense. I like this much more than hitting a hanging heavy bag or even a speed bag because the bag comes so far back towards you depending on how hard you hit it that you don’t have any other option than to learn how to get out of the way. It teaches you footwork but also technique because if you lose focus and try to attack the bag too hard then you will ultimately lose control. I think this bag is a great investment for anyone as it is easy to use, move, set up and break down if necessary! 



These gloves are extremely fitting, light weight and comfortable they strap around the wrist allowing you to have control and speed without any issues. You know you can sweat and hit in these without hurting yourself or compromising form. Your defender will also be performing their best with the punch mits! The mit securely holds your hand in place and has open finger-tips so that they remain comfortable. They are also light weight and absorb all hits extremely well making it possible for your defender to help you without tiring out too quickly. Not to mention that these are both very affordable for their quality compared to other leading brands. My favorite thing to practice using these gloves is combos like jab-cross-hook-uppercut, and jab-cross-body hook-cross.



Best part about this? A couple of things: 1. You don’t need to worry about wrapping your hands before punching it. The air and water technology allows for less stress on your joints and more of an impact on your muscles. These bags are adjustable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Other bags I’ve used seem to tire me out too quickly because they are too heavy and don’t seem to really absorb my punches. This bag made me feel like I was able to get after the bag without using up all my energy right off the bat and I felt like I was able to pay more attention to my form than the power behind each hit. When I do work on this bag I like to warm up with a couple punching combinations then move into some combinations with foot work and eventually do only foot work with round house kicks and side kicks. Give it a try and notice the difference in your form and energy levels.