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Fitness and Training Heavy Bag Training Part 3 – Ground Training!

The Fitness and Training Bag from Maxx MMA is versatile enough that it can also be used as a grappling bag and a “ground and pound” bag. If you are a student of Brazilian Jui Jitsu you will appreciate the ability to practice some of your ground positioning and movement drills. If you are into Mixed Martial Arts you will also like being able to practice your strikes on the ground. The Maxx MMA Fitness and Training bag is built so that you can hang it for one workout and take it down and be ready for another in just a few minutes. 

Once you have it on the ground you will find it a good size and weight that it will give you some resistance without being too big to manipulate and move around. The straps are great to simulate the arms of an opponent and are good for visualizing and rehearsing submissions. If striking is your goal, we found the firmness to have a comfortable impact but still yielded to our attacks nicely. 

Basic Positions that one can practice on the MaxxMMA Training and Fitness Bag

  • Top Mount
  • Side Control / Cross Body
  • Scarf Hold or Kesa Gatame
  • North South
  • Open/Closed Guard from the bottom
Strikes that are easy to practice on the bag include:
  • Punches (straight, hooks, and hammer fists)
  • Elbows 
  • Knees
Submissions that we practice on the bag include:

From Mount

  • Straight Arm Bar
  • Americana or Key Lock
  • Chicken Wing or Kimura 

 From Side Control

  • Americana or Key Lock
  • Straight Arm Bar
  • Kimura or Chicken Wing 
  • Far Side Arm Bar

From Guard

  • Kimura
  • Guillotine
  • Armbar
  • Leg Triangle
  • Uma Plata 

 From Scarf hold or Kesa Gatame

  • Chicken Wing with Leg
  • Straight Arm bar with Leg


These are a few examples of the work you can get done on the Maxx MMA Fitness and Training Bag. Feel free to let us know your workout ideas and preferences! The Water / Air core of the Maxx MMA Fitness and Training Heavy Bag has a great feel that lets your punches land solidly without being too stiff or hard. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and questions in the comments section, and feel free to contact us below.


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Ray White's Midwest Martial Arts teaches Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts to students, amateur and professional fighters from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. He can be reached at the SMB Academy in Battle Creek Michigan, on Youtube at www.youtube.com/raywhitemn ,at www.facebook.com/RayWhiteMMA and at www.mmacoachescorner.com .