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Fitness and Training Heavy Bag Training Part 2 – The Uppercut bag

 MaxxMMA has come out with an intriguing new bag that lets you hang it both vertically as a traditional heavy bag/punching bag, and also lets you hang it horizontally as an uppercut bag! In this article I would like to share some training and our early experiences training on this cutting edge bag design.

The great thing about an Uppercut Bag is the fresh variety of training opportunities that having the horizontal bag provides. 90% or more of most combat athletes spend their time striking a vertically hung bag by throwing straight and hooking punches. The vertical punches that are thrown at a typical heavy bag either have a very linear pressure into the bag, (just like a jab or cross) or glance off the bag giving an inferior feedback. When you strike an Uppercut bag, you get the proper feel and resistance that requires you to lift with your legs, and drive the punch upwards from the floor towards the ceiling at an angle congruent with your target. The solid feel of a properly thrown uppercut will run through your whole body from fist to foot. This same effect occurs when throwing any vertical strike like upward elbows, and upward knees. The goal here is to train the proper strike on equipment that lets you execute correctly. If you want to hit with effective force, you need to hit a target that will approximate the angle and resistance that you may find in actual competition.


Here is a list of techniques and combinations that are useful to train on the Maxx MMA Fitness and Training Heavy Bag when it is used as an Uppercut Bag:

Single Technique Ideas

  • Straight Jab
  • Straight Cross
  • Left and Right Hooks (from facing the end of the bag)
  • Lead Uppercut
  • Rear Uppercut
  • Dirty Boxing Close Uppercut with Cover (stand leaning against the bag)
  • Forward Elbow
  • Forward Elbow
  • Vertical/Up Elbow
  • Downward Elbow
  • High Knee from the clinch (holding bag)
  • Jumping High Knee
  • Skip Jumping High Knee

Combination ideas

  • Jab, Cross, Lead Uppercut, (+ Rear Uppercut)
  • Jab, Rear Uppercut (+ Lead Uppercut)
  • 3 Uppercuts alternating sides L+R
  • Lead Forward Elbow, Rear Down Elbow, Lead Vertical Elbow
  • Lead High Knee, Rear Down Elbow, Lead Up Elbow
  • 5 Shoe Shine Uppercuts, Left Hook, Right Cross (all done facing the end of the bag)

These are just a few ideas on what one can do on an uppercut bag. Use your imagination and consider what works well and has sound form and mechanics. Uppercut bag training is a very important part of our Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts training, I hope you find it beneficial too. The Water / Air core of the Maxx MMA Fitness and Training Heavy Bag has a great feel that lets your punches land solidly without being too stiff or hard. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and questions in the comments section, and feel free to contact us below.






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