Do You Make These MMA Mistakes? Avoid Making Typical MMA Mistakes And Get The Best MMA Equipment

Do You Make These MMA Mistakes? Avoid Making Typical MMA Mistakes And Get The Best MMA Equipment

Are you making some serious MMA training mistakes without realizing it? If you’re a beginner, making mistakes is almost inevitable. The hard part is knowing which mistakes you’re even engaging in. It’s discouraging to see most newbie fighters making a set of extremely common MMA training mistakes, without even being aware of it.

Even if you have the best MMA equipment, it is still easy to make training mistakes in this sport. As an MMA fighter, you sometimes need to know what not to do when training. Once you know that you’re making certain MMA training mistakes, it will be much easier to correct them.

Training too much

Most MMA fighters think that extreme training sessions are the way to go. Unfortunately, you could be overworking your body during your MMA training. If you are not sleeping sufficiently, or not eating well, you will be more prone to injury and burning out. Your body can handle a certain amount of physical stress, but you need to know when to take a rest.

You help your body operate on an optimal level with the help of proper nutrition and enough sleep. There are also some recovery techniques that you can use to boost your MMA performance. If you have an injury, you should be very careful, in order to avoid burning out your body.

Not being consistent with your training

It’s so tempting for MMA fighters to train hard for a while and take a vacation afterwards. Consistency is the key to successful MMA training. You don’t need to overwhelm your body while training. You can train moderately, but it’s important not to take long breaks. People who become MMA professionals tend to take their time in order to get good. It’s going to take years for you to become good in MMA. After you get good, you’re still going to need to train hard in order to refine your skills. The foundation is the hardest to build. If you want to build that strong MMA foundation, you will need to be consistent with your training.

Not taking strength training seriously

Let’s imagine that you have two MMA fighters and both of them are identically matched on every MMA skill. Now obviously, no such two people exist, there are always differences in skill or little difference in technique. Let's do this thought experiment however, just imagine these two guys. Who will win the match between the two of them? The stronger man will win the match, due to his strength. It really is that simple. So how do you build enough strength as part of your MMA training? Try focusing on pull ups and deadlifts, and then if you can hire a strength-trainer at a local gym. Please find one that focuses on strength specifically.

Are you jogging too much, instead of sprinting?

There is nothing wrong with jogging per se. However, jogging isn’t the most ideal form of exercise for an MMA fighter. Jogging is not easy on your joints, and it can also cause muscle imbalance around your hips. Sprinting is a much better alternative to jogging. Try this great idea - sprint while holding something heavy. That will make your sprinting much more effective in terms of MMA benefits.

Neglecting the importance of nutrition

Are you focusing on MMA training while ignoring your diet? Lots of MMA fighters neglect their nutrition, which is of course a big mistake. Your body needs the proper nutrients to improve performance and recovery. You need to eat before before your match starts. A car needs fuel before it starts - the same goes for you and nutrition.

After you are done with a training session, your muscles crave for vitamins, amino acids, glycogen, and minerals. Those nutrients are necessary for proper recovery. You need to eat half an hour before you start working out. You also need to eat after you are done with the workout.

Neglecting low intensity aerobic exercises

It is a mistake to put all of your focus on low intensity aerobic exercise. However, it’s equally bad to neglect this type of exercise altogether. The key to successful MMA training is to find a balance. If someone advises you to embrace either exclusively high or exclusively low intensity aerobic exercise, you’re not getting good advice. You can easily get tired in your fights if you neglect low intensity aerobic exercises. Doing low intensity aerobic exercises makes it easy for you to perform high intensity aerobic exercises later on. Do you take breaks while doing high intensity aerobic exercise? If so, fill up those breaks with low-intensity exercise.


What kind of low intensity aerobic exercises should you engage in? You can choose rowing, cycling, or any other low intensity work.

Copying professional MMA fighters

You probably watch a lot of MMA fights, right? You probably read every interview or training plan these guys share too right? Most of the MMA fighters you see on TV are professionals that have worked very hard to get where they are. Just because they are professional MMA fighters doesn’t mean that their workouts should be emulated. Sometimes their exercise plan will not work for you at all. Most of the time however the plans they share are entirely fake, or made up by a magazine journalist. It’s much better for you to do what works, instead of emulating certain unverified exercises.

Training at a constant speed

It’s okay to use half of your strength when starting out with the training session. As you, however, continue to exercise, you can’t continue training at the same speed. To make MMA training successful, you need to increase your working speed. That’s how you build strength. You start slow, and then you speed up until it gets really intense.

Doing too many circuits

Doing cross fitness training won’t make you a better fighter. You can do circuits all day long, but it won’t help you fight better. Making yourself or the other fighter too tired to fight is not really winning. When you do too many circuits, you are just more prone to getting injured. Doing rounds and rounds of circuits can also make you vomit. Throwing up during training is definitely not a good sign. It means that you have overworked your body.

Using bodybuilding equipment instead of MMA equipment

Do you want to end up looking like a bodybuilder from all that training? Your goal should not be to look good, but to develop strength. Bodybuilding training is not the same as strength training. Bodybuilding training is definitely not the ideal way to build strength and conditioning. When you train like a bodybuilder, you are just increasing muscle size. It will make you look good, but you won’t be a good MMA fighter. As an MMA fighter, you need to be able to produce full body movements that are dynamic. Training like a bodybuilder won’t make you last longer in the ring. In fact, bodybuilding training will make it more likely for you to get injured in the ring.