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What's going on guys? Shane here.


In this FightTip Video (Please download here), I'm gonna teach you the best first punch to throw in a fight. This is when someone is in your face, screaming. You feel like there's no way to avoid a fight. You can't talk your way out of it. I'm gonna teach you the best punch to throw, and two other options.


Now quick disclaimer guys, I personal will never throw the first punch because I believe in self-defense. But if you weigh the pros and cons and you believe that throwing the first punch is the best for your safety, that's your call!


So we will demonstrate these techniques today with the MaxxMMA Reflex Bag. The first technique is gonna be a lead hook followed by a straight arm push. The second is a cross followed by a push. And the third is a little different, a head butt followed by a push. And the reason why we finish with the push is to create as much distance as possible, get them away from us, so we can get out of there.



The lead hook packed ton of power and it works great with "I Don't Want Any Trouble" stance. So you don't look frightening and then you're gonna quickly revolve and twist your hips, fire off that hook, slam aright to your opponent's jaw. When you throw this hook, keep your elbow align with your fist. It's like a free training. Once it hits its target, it just keeps on going. If you have it low, it's gonna cave a little bit, we don't want that. Then you are gonna follow up with the push. Again, it's just to create distance to get them away. So once you turn your hips on the hook, you are gonna turn it back the other way. And then straight arm to the chest, to the shoulders, or even to the face.



Next option is the cross. So this is if you don't feel comfortable from that lead hook, instead you are gonna throw your real cross. Twist your hips. Hit'em on that real foot, and instead of coming out that side angle, the hook is gonna go straight. Punch him straight on the jaw, the nose, or the mouth. Then again you are gonna follow with that push. So once your hips are twisted, coming back, you are gonna use a lot of your momentum. Again the push at the chest, create as much as distance as possible.



The third is a head butt, and it's a little different from the other one, but it's easy to throw, especially for your opponent right at your face, you can throw on its own or for that "I don't want any trouble" stance. Grab hold of that head, and smash into their face. Just remember to use the hard parts of your head, the corners, to smash into the soft part of their face, their nose, their eyes, or their mouth. Just be careful you don't want to hit their teeth. Cuz in that you are gonna have tooth in your head. And again you are gonna follow with that push. Okay? So once they are stun from that head butt, push him in the chest, get them away, and get out of there.


Thanks for watching guys, remember to only throw the first punch if you feel it is necessary. If you wanna get the MaxxMMA Reflex Bag, the link is in the description below. Remember to subscribe and share FightTips with your loved ones can make sure that they stay safe. Until next time. I'm Shane with fighttips. Self-defense for the underdogs.